Original elevators and escalators is one of its services, thanks to God Almighty, to supply and install electric elevators of all kinds

Semi-automatic passenger elevators

Automatic passenger elevators

Hydraulic Passenger Elevators

Panoramic passenger elevators

Food elevators

Service elevators

How is the installation process?

Our work begins after the approval of the client and the contract with us, which is preparing the site to start the work of implementing the installation of the elevator at the hands of technical competencies under the supervision of engineers in three stages:

At this stage, the plan is implemented to install the cabin movement guides and the balance (Italian-made rails) and the Italian-made floor doors at the level of the tiles. By the end of the implementation of this stage, the second stage begins..

At this stage, the machine room is prepared to raise and install the elevator motor from the best types of Italian motors manufactured, and the cab chassis and balance are assembled inside the elevator shaft, then hung on the motor by means of Italian-made traction ropes. It is covered with silver or golden stainless steel, according to the customer’s choice. By the end of the implementation of this stage, the third stage begins.

Then comes the final stage of installing the best types of Italian controls, installing internal demand plates in the cabin with the number of floors, external demand plates on each floor, extending electrical wires inside the well and the cabin, and providing them with safety and ventilation means.

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